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Who's Protecting their Reach Truck Operators with The Backbone®?

The names of our customers must remain confidential, but we can share the following information.

Major Automotive Manufacturer Outfits Newly Purchased
Reach Trucks with The Backbone®

The customer, a global automotive manufacturer, purchased new reach trucks for the North American warehouses of its customer service and aftermarket department. After conducting a Safety Risk Analysis, the customer determined the need to equip each reach truck with a Backbone at the right rear corner, to protect operators from being struck by racking beams and components that might encroach into the operator compartment.

The reach truck manufacturer opposed the installation, contending that the modification is not warranted by any potential under-shelf or encroachment risk.

The customer petitioned OSHA for a ruling, and we provided the relevant third party, independent research data we had collected.

With OSHA approval, the customer installed The Backbone on its reach trucks.

Join the growing number of employers who are protecting their stand-up forklift operators from devastating crush injuries.

Outfit your reach truck fleet with The Backbone®.

A Transformer Manufacturer

An Energy Products & Services Company


Logistics and Order Fulfillment Industry


Big Box Retailers

Food Wholesalers and Distributors

Meat Processing Industry

A Top 10 Pharmaceutical Firm

A Manufacturer of Residential
& Commercial Kitchen & Bath Products

A US Mid-west Electrical & Gas Utility

Non-profit Sector

A Food Bank

Other Companies

A Manufacturer of Heavy Equipment and Machinery (Fortune 500 Company)

A Print Services Company (Fortune 500 Company)

The Backbone
Safety Bar for Reach Trucks
                        & Standup Counterbalance Trucks
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